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Even in my youth ...

... I interested myself with internal combustion engines and like many as i am also

screwed into this age on my  lightweight motorized bicycle. In year 2007 my friend Ralf

be presented a self-built V12 engine with air cooling. I was so much impressed that I

have released a video of it on YouTube.

The feedback for this video was so awesome. I decide to build a new and

better V12 engine..

I received comments and messages from around the world, partly to tens of thousands of visitors romped daily on my website. Now I would like this enthusiasm back for a V12 engine and a new better ARTUS V12 engine introduced to selected persons of you the opportunity to give not only to be spectators. The ARTUS-V12 motor is a miniature designed engine of the known engine with 12 cylinders. The displacement of one cylinder is 17cc the whole engine has a displacement of 204 cc. The ARTUS-V12 engine is a real V12 engine with oil lubrication and liquid cooling. Designed for applications where are Importand, low-vibration, sound and visual appearance. Since 2009 I have been working on this project. You, who’s interacting just now with this project is special for me. Because without you there would not exist this project. Because there are many who were interested in the ARTUS V12 caring started this project. Whether you a ARTUS V12 engine for the showcase for a vehicle, a boat, a plane or whatever need my goal is the series production of the ARTUS V12 engine enable. The question of the price for such an engine I would not answer today. What would you appreciate what value such a motor is. Consider the precision of the engine and what you have for a benefit of owning a real V12 engine. The ARTUS-V12 is produced by current manufacturing methods in several individual steps. Subsequently, the assembly and testing is carried out. Quality control and development ensure that the motor current developments will be adjusted. For this you get a V12 engine with worth-warranty. A reliable engine with "wow" effect.
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© Weitzel-Modellbau 2016 - 2019


The ARTUS-V12 Project

A V12 engine for RC modeling and all other

conceivable applications.

Here's a new design for the website artus- motor.com. If you're lost for whatever reason, just click on the link to get to the actual website.